Hey, I'm Kaleigh 👋! I have over ten years of experience creating and styling websites and applications using WordPress, Drupal, Angular, ReactJS, and GatsbyJS. I'm currently a front-end engineer at SportsEngine.

I have a passion for diversity and inclusion. I have helped establish Women In Technology employee resource groups at 2 former employers. These groups offered networking, awareness, and events for employees. We also held events and activities for girls to learn more about careers in STEM ranging from elementary school to college.

I'm also a member of Tech Ladies and a volunteer with Women Who Code Front End.

You can find me doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, walking my dogs, or stand-up paddleboarding when I'm not coding. I also love baking human and dog treats, playing piano, and birdwatching. I promise I'm a millennial! Pre-pandemic, I did stand-up comedy and improv. Hopefully, one day I'll get back to it!

kaleigh scruggs

Blog Posts

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