Fall Is Here!

Fall is here??? Fall is here!!
In some parts of the country, it doesn’t feel like fall. It’s still hot, which is no good when you’re ready to cozy up in your UGGs and your favorite beverage (better be a PSL) to begin planning out your Christmas list. What’s a girl to do?!

fall leaves and shoes

Here are 7 helpful tips to turn that 80-degree climate into a most basic dream

  1. Too hot for a PSL? THROW SOME ICE IN IT!

  2. Still craving that hot PSL? Turn down your AC to about 50. Soon you’ll be frozen and trying to warm up, breathing in that sweet, sweet pumpkin latte.

  3. No dead leaves on the ground to be a background for your super cute boots? Time for some Pinterest-worthy DIY! Go outside and cut a branch off a tree (or have your roommate’s boyfriend do it), pick all the leaves off, throw them on a pan and into the oven until they look brown AF. PERFECTION ACHIEVED!

  4. Want to wear some cute sweaters? Buy some antiperspirant and throw on that chunky knit! No one will have to know you’re sweating your ass off! Plus, you’re burning off that 380 calorie PSL (win-win).

  5. Even though it’s 80 degrees outside, Bath & Body Works still has your favorite fall scents in stock. BRING THE FALL TO YOU! Buy at least 1 large candle per room, and make sure they’re lit as long as you’re home. SMELLS LIKE FALL TO ME.

  6. Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a fire! Get a burly strong piece of man meat to chop some wood for you (don’t forget to ‘Gram it), and get that shit lit! Bonus points if you wear cozy socks, make s’mores, and drink hot chocolate. #FALL OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN

  7. Buy at least 12 pumpkins to decorate your house with. When pumpkin picking, you’ll need to wear your Fall Best so be sure to pack a mini fan and some ice cubes. DON’T PUSS OUT BECAUSE OF THE HEAT INDEX

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